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What is Disco?

Disco helps you search the secondhand internet. It comes in the form of a search-bar and chrome extension that pops up with pre-loved fashion options while you're shopping online. The idea is to buy the same stuff but for less and more sustainably. 



Our mission is to empower individuals to accelerate the world’s transition to a circular economy in a way that benefits them - starting with what we consider to be the most influential industry - fashion.


Our vision is to become the circular Amazon. We see a future where people think secondhand, repaired, upcycled, modularized, and organic first without needing to reduce the quality of their lives.

How did we get here?


Hi! I’m Alina, the founder of Disco.

My journey started after reducing my wardrobe and other things during a move in San Francisco and realizing how much excess and waste I was creating.

I grew up with a pretty standard childhood in Massachusetts but my parents immigrated to the US from a much poorer China in the 80’s. Our mom was always gardening and repurposing old jars while our dad loved fixing things and collecting used books. I was influenced to appreciate the Earth and to use its materials practically and creatively, which made the move and purge an extremely painful experience.

After finding the Buy Nothing organization (a network of Facebook groups that form local gift-economies), and learning more about circular economies, I was inspired to pursue building one myself.

I found that although buying and selling secondhand isn’t yet the norm, it just always seemed to make more sense. The buyer gets a discounted price, the seller gets to recoup some of their costs, and we don’t landfill still-useful items that took a lot of material and energy to produce. We just needed to make it easier to do.

Several product iterations, clothing swaps, secondhand chicken coops, furniture off sidewalks, and sorting boxes of secondhand things later, we have Disco. ✨

I hope you find Disco useful and that it allows you to live your best life. ❤️

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