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Greener Gifting: How To Have a More Sustainable Black Friday

A lot of us already know that Black Friday has an negative impact on the environment with large discounts convincing us to buy cheap items we don’t actually want, and 94% higher emissions relative to an average week.

The most sustainable option is to refrain from letting companies bait us into buying low-quality or purposeless products. But, especially as gift season comes up, the draw of discounted goods and appreciating loved ones with gifts for the holidays is admittedly extremely compelling.

That being said, there are ways to participate in Black Friday and gift-giving in a more sustainable way. Here are a couple ways —

1. Non-Material Gifts (Subscriptions & Experiences)

We're all paying for subscriptions anyways (despite our best efforts). Why not gift a year-long subscription or spa treatment for your family and friends for the holidays.

I think we all know what Hulu is... but if you don't, it's a TV and movie streaming service with a lot of popular shows.

Other Subscription Gift Ideas

  • Netflix

  • Masterclass

  • The Calm App

  • A Costco membership

  • Classpass

Other Experience Gift Ideas

  • Yoga Classes

  • Spa Treatment

  • Mani/Pedi

  • Concert Tickets

  • Food Tour

2. Sustainable Products

This is great for the practical person in your family. Who doesn't need cleaning supplies and want to be more sustainable? You can help take the work out of figuring out more eco-friendly options through more climate-friendly gifts like these.

You only get one plastic bottle with Blueland for each product. Then replenish the solution with tablets!

Other Sustainable Product Ideas

  • Hydro Flask Water Bottle (replacing plastic bottles)

  • Bidet (replacing toilet paper)

  • Dryer Balls (replacing dyer sheets)

  • Detergent Sheets (replacing huge plastic bottles)

  • Swedish Dish Cloths (replacing paper towels)

  • Reusable Silicone Ziploc Bags (replacing plastic Ziploc bags)

3. Secondhand Higher-End Items

OK, this one's kind of a shameless plug, but you could use Disco to help you find higher-value deals for secondhand luxury items.

Secondhand as a gift may seem a little weird, but a lot of things hold great value and the receiver ends up getting something way better for your 100 bucks otherwise. Plus, a lot of the time things are sold new with tags (NWT) because the original buyer couldn't return it. Win-win!

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