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Updated: Oct 3

New York City, September 15th, 2023. Krystina Jackson is the vintage fashion it girl we've all been waiting for. Her captivating story is a testament to perseverance, courage, and how creativity can be an outlet.

Krystina's vibrant, soulful style secures her spot on our list of emerging tastemakers and vintage resellers to keep a close eye on. When asked about her passion, Krystina eloquently states, "Fashion is my dopamine boost." Her relationship with shopping secondhand, initially born out of necessity, blossomed into the specialty of paring original and unexpected pieces.

Krystina's academic pursuits were rooted in social work and policy advocacy, focusing on mass incarceration, global inequality, and international human rights. Yet, it was the world of fashion that brought her solace during life's most challenging moments. Faced with the profound challenges of social work and the passing of her brother, fashion evolved into her sanctuary for processing grief and coping with the emotional weight of aiding the underserved. Today, she has flourished into a soulfully stylish tastemaker.

Her inventive collection of vintage treasures now stands as a tribute to her remarkable journey. To explore Krystina's curated selection, visit

Read on for the full interview, where Krystina shares more about her inspiring path and her own approach to fashion.

For those who aren’t familiar with your work. Tell us about yourself.

"Hi, I’m Krystina. I would describe myself as an advocate and girl addicted to retail. Somehow, I’ve turned my passion for fashion into my full time gig. I now own my own curated vintage clothing business and am in the works of opening my first shop. My background is in athletics and social work, with most of my policy advocacy experience centered around mass incarceration, global inequality, and international human rights. I created my business to find my tribe and build the safe and supportive community I wanted to see in the world."

What’s an item you’re shopping for right now?

"Belts! Wide leg pants! Anything archival."

What does your Pinterest board look like right now?

"My Pinterest board is my bible and if you gain access you're definitely a real one to me. It's a mix of funky 90s rave with subversive streetwear elements, and early 2000s bimbo grunge feels."

In what ways did your experience as a social worker influence you and what you do in fashion?

"Fashion was always the way I felt comfortable expressing myself. I loved being an athlete but hated the idea of wearing the same thing as everyone else lol. So my brand had to center around individuality. For me, Soulful is all about embracing our differences. Everything, everyone, all the time. Nothing and no one is off limits. I get to really connect with marginalized folks and create with them; there’s nothing more precious than connection and creation."

How does fashion influence you as an artist?

"Fashion is what guides me. It's dramatic, but it helps me breathe. Because it's the one thing no one can tell me how or what to do. Doing it wrong is always doing it right. Such a perfect concoction for such a nonconformist like me."

Walk us through your creative process?

"My creative process is centered on allowing myself to indulge in everything I want. Visually, when choosing pieces, I overdose on everything I'm gravitating to. Then depending on the assignment, I edit, and edit again. I do this until i feel everything is my version of perfect. And lastly, I accept that the creation is done. For me, it's about knowing my likes and dislikes, and being decisive. A diva always knows what she wants."

What have been some of the most difficult challenges in your work or life and how do you stay motivated?

"My biggest challenge to date was losing my brother. He was my only sibling and the person that saw me for the greatness that I am. He was a computer coder, and helped me with the makings of my website. I'll let you know when I’ve figured out the best way to deal with his loss. For now, I congratulate myself for getting out of bed. I win the day if I cross off even one thing on my to do list. The motivation is in knowing I’m building the legacy of my family name. My brother was a king and he should be remembered as such."

From social work to poppin’ on Depop and gearing up for a storefront in New Haven. What inspires you to pivot and change?

"What inspires me to pivot and change is the belief that there is a destiny out there that I am inevitably going to reach. It sounds cliche but when I was little, I always had the intuition that I would create something influential. I think the little girl in me is still at work, so I do what I can to make her proud everyday. Continuing to raise myself to adapt is what I pride myself on. I want to do and experience all things this life has to offer me."

A personal note:

"I love cats because they don't care what anyone thinks about them. Jamaican food hits my soul every time. My dreads are a metaphor for my growth. And I wish that keepin' it real really was more contagious than all the money in the world. But anyways… Happy shopping!! :p"

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