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Disco Spotlight Exclusive: ISO NEVILLE

October 5th, 2023, New York City. Meet Iso Neville, the London-based secondhand stylist, fashion consultant, and wardrobe curator. For Iso, every outfit is an opportunity for innovation. She approaches fashion as a form of creative problem-solving, transforming every outfit into an opportunity for innovation, which places her on Disco's list of top creatives to watch. Her lively personality, sense of humor, and cheerful outlook on a sustainable future are infectious and her driving force.

Born in Bristol, her early experiences with charity and thrift shopping laid the groundwork for her current role. From wardrobe rentals to organizing "Car boot sales" (which she aptly describes as real-life Depop markets), Iso's mission is clear: to debunk the misconception that secondhand is out.

Sustainability transcends fashion; it's the intersection of environmental consciousness, inclusivity, and other causes close to her heart. In a world flooded with clothing, Iso passionately emphasizes the significance of reusing what's already in circulation.

Iso leaves us with a powerful message: "Secondhand does not mean second best. It doesn't even always mean used." Her words resonate deeply, reminding us that an eco-conscious approach to style isn't just possible – it's undeniably in.

Continue reading to discover the perspective through which Iso channels her passion and drive to make secondhand fashion the first choice.

For those who aren’t familiar with your work. Tell us about yourself.

Hey, I’m Iso! By day I work in social media, but have built a roster of side hustles around my passion - second-hand fashion. I do fashion curation for a second-hand search engine called Used and Loved, help run a car boot sale, consult for fashion start-ups, do ad-hoc styling, rent and sell second-hand clothes, as well as share my love for preloved on Instagram. At the start of this year, I also started studying a Master’s degree in Sustainable Fashion part-time alongside my other work. I’m based in London, but was born in Bristol where my love of charity, or thrift, shopping began. Having always been obsessed with fabrics, styles and shapes, it’s no surprise to anyone that I’ve ended up in fashion. I love problem solving, and see each outfit I’m styling through that analytical lens.

What’s an item you’re shopping for right now?

Chunky black boots! I’m trying to be organized and get ahead of winter.

When we say iPhone Notes App, you say…

My fashion bible! Every time I see someone wearing an amazing outfit, I make a note of the components in my Notes App. When it comes to getting dressed, I’ll often scroll through my notes to see what I can replicate with my own wardrobe.

How does sustainability influence what you do in circular fashion, and why is it important to you?

With enough garments in the world to clothe the next six generations, it’s a no-brainer for me to only use what’s already in circulation. Sustainability intersects with feminism, anti-racism and so many other huge topics, all of which I’m hugely passionate about.

Your motto is "How can I make this look good?". Could you share some examples of unexpected items you’ve styled?

I’m a big fan of ignoring gender norms and fashion ‘rules’. One of my favorite styling challenges was creating outfits for an office environment using PVC trousers. I’m really loving menswear at the moment, and have been pairing crisp tailoring with slouchy summer fabrics and bikinis.

You receive a request for an outfit tailored to an occasion. Where do you start? Walk us through your creative process.

I start with the person. Do they want to accentuate or flatter any part of their body? Then I move to the occasion. Is there a dress code, or practicalities like soft ground to consider? Once these logistics are defined, then I work with the person to find a source of inspiration for the look - it could be another person, a style, a color, a fabric… and then my favorite part - sourcing. But that’s a whole other conversation!

From wardrobe rentals, to organizing "car boot sales," and providing personalized styling services. What drives you? Also, can you also explain what a "car boot sale" is? 🚗👢

I want to prove that second-hand fashion isn’t second-best.

A car boot sale is a market where members of the community sell their clothes and homeware from their trunk! It’s essentially a real-life Depop.

What's currently grabbing your attention in London? Could you tell us about the latest fashion trends you’re noticing and share a glimpse of fall inspo you have in mind?

There’s been very little warm weather this summer, so transitional pieces and layers have been everywhere. Shirts and tailoring are being used in really creative ways, paired with much more casual items, which I absolutely adore - my love of menswear is really coming into its own! Barbiecore has swept across London, just as it has across the world, so I’m also seeing a lot of femininity in outfits and pieces. Pink, embellishments and diamante seem to be here to stay for a while longer.

As my summer wardrobe hasn’t had much of a look in, I’m looking forward to incorporating some of those pieces into my fall outfits in new ways. Watch this space!

A personal note:

Second hand doesn’t mean second best. It doesn’t even always mean used. There’s so much to be found in online resale, thrift stores and vintage markets - with so many places to shop second hand, there’s really no need to buy new.

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