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DISCO Spotlight Exclusive: HENRY KRAMER

Updated: Sep 7

New York City, September 6th, 2023. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Henry Kramer. The Cincinnati native is on our list of hot up-cycle designers to watch. They breathe second life into secondhand garments with custom overlays inspired by nature.

But it's not just their work that sets them apart; it's also their radiant personality. A true embodiment of "happy-go-lucky" spirit, Henry's cheerful and bubbly charisma is contagious to everyone they encounter.

When asked about their creative process, Henry say: "I freaking love the mechanical process of creating art, and mastering that defeats my imposter syndrome when she gets bigger than pocket-sized."

You can purchase their garments at and the West Village this fall in New York City.

Check out the complete feature below.

For those who aren't familiar with your work. Tell us about yourself.

"So I studied fine art in college with specialty or focus in painting and illustration. Now living in New York, I've started combining my love for fashion with my artwork."

Where did your parents meet, and what's your Zodiac?

"Mom and Dad met while working in a department, Mom a buyer/VP, and Dad in shoes. I'm an Aquarius but on the cusp of Capricorn, which I know means something…

When we say cereal boxes, you say….?

"When you say cereal box, I say materials I'd like to hoard. Many of the stencils I have created are from the cardboard of food containers. Giving them another life."

How do you manage the balance between work and passion?

"The balance between work and passion Is hard and something I'm still trying to figure out. I surround myself with other artists; we encounter a lot of the same obstacles, and having them has been so helpful and encouraging."

Where do you find inspiration?

"I find inspiration from nature. Organic shapes done with such precision."

Walk us through your creative process.

"The creative process for me is putting all of my ideas on paper then going back to refine and push them further. I want every mark and piece to have rhyme and reason."

What have been some of the challenges? How do you stay motivated?

"The most challenging part has been learning a new medium, but that's also what keeps me motivated. Forced to come up with solutions when the paint and fabric decide to hate each other or when the steamer wants to remove the entire pattern. Motivation comes from wanting to master my process and being so excited about how the pieces come out."

From art school in Cincinnati to taking the leap and moving to NYC. What kept you moving? And do you have any advice for other artists looking up to you?

"What kept me moving was truly believing in myself, even when it felt delusional. My advice to other artists is:

* Remind yourself that you are not your bad ideas

* Allow yourself the grace to mess it up

* Every obstacle you may encounter has a solution"

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